It was the vivid colors, the unique shapes and the anticipation of taste, yes, the taste that created the wonderful art that styled food can portray.

Later, I flew as a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines on intercontinental and European flights where my food service and presentation education continued under the guidance of Maxim’s of Paris. When PanAm ceased operations my food styling carried over to 5 star hotel management. That, in turn, led to my ownership and publication of a culinary magazine in which food styling was a primary feature. International food styling competitions and cook-offs perfected my love of art for mass media as well as allowing me to judge and observe many other similar artists; and learn from them as well. With a degree of tempered humility I am proud to say that there is no aspect of the magic of food styling which I am unaware. My production skills have taken me from farm to table, from kitchen to large and smaller food companies and vendors as well as their advertising agencies. My work delivers vividness, photogenic and powerful visual images with savor and stimulation to the palate. I practice the food stylist craft by applying my career-long theory that we eat more with our eyes than our stomachs. My production skill set extends through television, film and still photography. I base my operations in Atlanta, Huston and Tampa but I am ready to travel to wherever and whenever a food styling assignment calls.



                            I became fascinated by food presentation as I worked my way through school at several of the grandest hotels on Miami Beach where food was presented with a flair that made food seem a great work of art. Famous chefs daily would create beautiful intricate ice sculptures and make mundane things like watermelon salad to look like a miniature Eiffel Tower. To me, food styling and presentation in those venues was more exciting than spending two days at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.